Dr Arran Schlosberg

MBBS FFCI (UK) MPhil BCom (Actuarial)
Venture Partner


Arran seamlessly bridges the worlds of health and technology as both a doctor and programmer. He was the co-founding CTO of HealthMatch—a platform for matching patients to clinical trials, attracting over $25M in funding—where he built the original infrastructure before accepting a role as Senior Software Engineer at DeepMind Health.

His technical expertise is wide-ranging. As a Google engineer he led R&D work resulting in patented actuarial techniques for network risk analysis, and as a member of the Google Health Research team he wrote the geo software underpinning the COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports—in addition to his regular focus on medical-AI integration. As a pathology trainee he automated haemochromatosis genetic testing in the Sydney Local Health District. He has published academic work on topics including cryptographic protection of health data, prediction of cancer-causing genetic mutations, impacts of social-distancing policy, and machine learning in pathology. His MPhil from Cambridge University, by research in bioinformatics, described a novel technique for detecting changes in gene expression.

The first ever Certified Health Informatician Australasia, Arran is a Fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics (UK), a member of the Informatics Advisory Board of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, and maintains licenses to practice medicine in both Australia and the UK.